The economy is improving, but your still not making as much money as you want to in your jewelry business. 

Are you paying attention to the proper trends that your customers are looking for?

 Consumers are looking for jewelry and fashion with 'attitude'... pieces that reflect their individual taste and lifestyle. It's far beyond cool designs and funky fluff.

What are your customers really looking for? Your success depends on it....

Lisa Jesse's Jewelry Trends 2013 Report

With 110 pages of unbelievable, jam-packed information this is critical, time-sensitive information that you will need to survive the discerning tastes of consumers. This is not one of those bloated, impersonal Big Industry reports, but down to Earth real trends from the trenches. 

I've been to where the action is HOT and the jewelry is incredible!

28 BIG Chapters, tons of full color photos and clickable links!

Check out all you will discover:

  • State of the economy - the economy is improving, but sales are slow... now what?
  • Jewelry Retail Sales Outlook - real numbers from real sources... what can you do to beat the odds?
  • The HOTTEST trends in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Gemstones!
  • All important Diamond industry news - new cuts, new marketing, new attitudes... how can you benefit?
  • Necklace, Bracelet and Earring trends - geometric designs, cool new gemstone choices and more!
  • Men's jewelry and Watch trends - how to sell to guys without bruising their egos.
  • Beads, Lampwork Glass and Body jewelry trends - you won't believe how this trend has changed!
  • Handmade jewelry trends - spare parts, vintage pieces and unheard of materials. Need to know information!
  • Eco and Nature trends - sustainable materials and designs from the sea are just a few things you need to know!   
  • Wedding jewelry and Engagement rings - probably the biggest changes in jewelry will come this Spring for new brides!
  • The important Spring Colors Outlook - Pantone sets the stage for tantalizing palettes of beautiful tones!
  • Future jewelry trends - 2013 starts on a wild note with daring new designs from the most unique artists.
  • Artist Spotlight  -  Ideas from the best and brightest jewelers   
  • Pearl Jewelry Trends - fresh new colors and designs we've never seen before... this is really exciting!   

And included as a BONUS: Online Marketing Strategies for small business! Find out how I use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and tons of FREE social media to get my sites to #1 on Google and drive thousands of prospects a week to my stores! This is worth the price of the entire report! 

PLUS Get the Pantone Spring Color Guide download with each order!
A 42 page PDF free!

28 BIG chapters!   110 pages!     Tons of full color photos!

  "Lisa, I am really excited about the designs for this season! It is really giving me a sense of hope that the tough times are behind us and we are opening up to new possibilites. I couldn't have done it without you!"   - Debra Gage    Fireside Silver

  "Christmas never looked so good!"  - Barbara Holly   New Wave Metals

  "This is an incredible resource I couldn't do without. I love you!" - Kelly Cable  The Beaded Kitty

Who is Lisa Jesse and why should I listen to her?

I have a GIA Diamonds Diploma and a Registered Gemologist certificate from ISG. I majored in geology / earth studies at ODU, VA. and received an Associates degree in Marketing. I have been studying the latest jewelry trends for over 13 years and I'm in the top 1% of diamond experts on the East Coast. I have had the #1 jewelry trends website  on Google for over 4 years ( and designers from all over the world consult me daily on all aspects of trendsetting prediction.  Plus I'm beautiful and awesome as Hell!

How much would you pay to take your jewelry business to the top?

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My dream? To see all my jewelry friends have the best year ever! I have worked very hard to bring you the best information that will make a huge difference in your retail and design business. We can't do it alone...together we'll make 2013 the best year ever!

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